Marks & Spencer Nature’s Extracts Creamy Coconut Shower Gel


From time to time, I do check out the toiletries section at Marks & Spencer but only once in a blue moon because nothing new seems to come from the British Isles and I know that the selection available here is but a shadow of what is available over there.

As my RM5 Robinsons rebate voucher was about to expire in a couple of weeks and I didn’t want to spend it on beauty brands at Robinsons, the next best thing to do was to trot over to M&S to see what I could use the voucher on. Something new had arrived if you can actually call it “new” because I suspect anything new on the shelves here has probably been available over there since 1912, kidding!

Yup, there were 2 new bodycare ranges – Coconut and Cocoa Butter. There was Coconut Shower Gel but not Cocoa Butter Shower Gel so I had to get the Coconut one since I don’t have a bath to produce foam in. It is RM19 for a 250ml tube whereas in ye olde Britain, it is a mere £2! I wouldn’t have got this if it wasn’t for the rebate voucher.

This is a thin, runny gel which foams up very well when applied on to a shower puff. It has a light coconut scent which is so subtle that you won’t be able to smell it when you re-enter the bathroom just a few seconds after your shower.

It doesn’t leave my skin feeling very moisturised but it is less drying than soap. However, I do think it is an average shower gel which is severely overpriced here. A stronger scent would have made me consider a repurchase.