Sizing Up Samples : Lancôme Visionnaire


I don’t know when I ceased to feel excited each time a brand launched a skincare that promised multi-benefits. I prefer skincare that targets one particular skincare problem such as skin dullness, lack of firmness, hyperpigmentation and so forth. Lancôme’s Visionnaire was launched recently and other than what I’ve been told by their promoters and what I’ve read here, I know nothing much about it.

Just as well since I had no expectations at all when I started using the 3 x 1ml samples you see in the pics above. Since I had a spot problem, it was timely when I got the samples. I wanted to put it to the test and see what results would be produced within 3 days (1 sachet per day can be stretched to twice daily usage).

I had 2 spots, one on my upper lips and the other on my chin. I used Visionnaire on the 2 spots without any other serum or acne treatment. By the 3rd day, the spot on my upper lip had become less visible and the redness caused by the inflammation on my chin had subsided, not completely but skin became much smoother and the bump had decreased in size.

So I guess this product does have curative properties after all.

Visionnaire comes in a 30ml bottle priced at RM295.