Size Does Matter When It Comes To Lower Lashes


Like a lot of ladies I know, I have virtually non-existent lower lashes and I don’t make it a habit to apply mascara on the lower lashes because of the size of my mascaras being too cumbersome for my spare (as in “scanty”) and sparse lower lashes. I can probably count on two hands the number of times I have applied mascara to my lower lashes simply because it was much too troublesome.

Help is at hand for those who are in the same predicament as me. Along comes Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara, so cute and micro-mini is the brush that I can wield it towards my bottom lashes without dreading that I’ll make a mess of the application process, as I am wont to do with normal sized mascaras.

The silver floral design of the barrel is so pretty and eye-catching. The minute or should I say minuscule size of the wand is just perfect for application to the lower lashes as it can coat the tiniest of lashes, especially those nearer the inner corner of the eye.

Some of the primary ingredients of this mascara are jojoba oil to condition lashes, bentonite to coat the bottom lashes for natural definition and acrylates copolymer which dries after application and instantly provides a film layer to protect against cold water, sweat and humidity. It’s said to last for 24 hours (although I haven’t managed to wear it that long) without smudging or flaking.

I’ve found it easy to coat each tiny lash with the teeny applicator, it doesn’t clump but there was some smudging after an hour of wear. The formula made my pathetic bottom lashes come alive, not having that spidery leg effect which is quite common when using normal sized mascaras on bottom lashes (for me, anyway!).

Before – Non-existent Lower Lashes
After – Lower lashes appear

Notwithstanding the minimal smudging, the formula remains intact on the bottom lashes all day. The lashes appear as “fresh” at the end of the day as when the mascara was first applied there. In that respect, it is long lasting.

Removing the mascara is easy with a cotton pad soaked in warm water or I just use a cotton bud for complete removal of the mascara from the bottom lashes. It’s better to do it this way because washing off with cleansing oil or other makeup removers while cleansing the entire face can leave flakes on the face.

When it comes to the bottom lashes, small is best. No more excuse for not applying mascara to my bottom lashes. This 2ml mascara is priced at RM47 and made in Japan. It’s available in black and black/brown.

Note : The Bottom Lash Mascara was provided by Clinique for review.