More Shopee Retail Therapy : My First Mickey Mouse Skirt


dsc_8640Last weekend, I saw a Mickey Mouse skirt on Shopee and thought it was really nice but would the biggest size, XXXL even fit me? I measured my waist and hips, then referred to the seller’s measurement guide. I didn’t want to end up with a skirt that I couldn’t zip up even if the skirt was RM22+. That would be such a waste of money.

After deliberating for a whole day, I decided to take a chance and ordered XXXL. The photos submitted by earlier buyers convinced me. Most of them bought the white variant but I have always liked/preferred black. The skirt arrived yesterday, it was shipped out the day after I ordered which is terribly efficient of the seller.

dsc_8642dsc_8643This is a seriously tight and slim line pencil skirt so while it fit me around the waist, it emphasises my tummy and as such I would have to hide that part with a jacket or not tuck in my long blouse/shirt. Other than that, I love the design and the fabric is so soft. Would have been better if this wasn’t a pencil skirt since it is so tight around the tummy area. If anyone wants to have a look, the seller is on Shopee.

Online shopping is my therapy at the moment and it’s a lot safer than browsing in brick-and-mortar stores, Check out this website for Punk trousers and jeans.