Shiseido 50+ Very High Sun Protection Cream N


With sunscreens, I like those with SPF30 and above as anything less will bring about pigmentation and sun spots. Shiseido’s 50+ Very High Sun Protection Cream N is aptly named and is an anti-aging suncare as it defends against premature signs of aging such as fine lines.

It comes in a turquoise coloured tube with a yellow cap at the bottom. When the cap is opened, the opening is quite small and that’s an important feature because you don’t need a lot of this sunscreen. It’s a white cream which if too much is applied, will leave a whitish cast on the face.

The cream has a medium thick consistency so again, it should be used sparingly. Use too much and it’ll be difficult to absorb into skin.With the correct amount, skin should look as if there is nothing on it.

This sunscreen is very water-resistant and perspiration-resistant. On days when I just have this sunscreen on without makeup, there are no whitish traces when I perspire. It would be a good sunscreen for the beach or for swimming.

There is Rose Apple Leaf Extract in this sunscreen which acts as an antioxidant. I am not sure whether it is the scent of the Rose Apple Leaf but it has a pleasant scent. It doesn’t feel sticky although those with dry skins may find it a bit too dry while those with oily skins may find the texture a bit too thick.

This 50ml tube of sunscreen retails at RM130.

Note : The sunscreen was provided by PR for review.