Sizing Up Samples : Clarins White Plus HP Skincare

Top Row – Cleanser, Exfoliator, Aqua Milk, Brightening Peel. Bottom Row – Serum, Day Emulsion, Night Cream

Some of the skincare products in Clarins whitening range (White Plus HP) were only launched this year, i.e. the Whitening Repairing Night Cream, Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel and Gentle Brightening Exfoliator. If I were to purchase the entire White Plus HP set of skincare, I would have to spend a total of RM1232. Granted, it may not be as much as some other luxury brands but it still costs a pretty penny sen.

Since I don’t have the full sized White Plus HP products, this review is based on the samples in the pic above. I won’t be able to comment on the long-term effects of each one. I’ll just state the description of the products and what they felt like on my skin:-

(1) Pearl-To-Cream Brightening Cleanser (125ml/RM110)

Although described as a foaming cream, it doesn’t foam up much. It’s gentle on my skin and washes off make-up effectively. It’s pearlescent cream which has a lovely scent but there are no discernible brightening effects. I like it for its non-drying feeling, skin does not feel tight at all.

(2) Gentle Brightening Exfoliator (50ml/RM135)

Contains strawberry, grapefruit and raspberry extracts (all brightening agents), the microbeads exfoliate skin gently. My skin feels smooth and soft afterwards but I think I would have to use a lot more than my sample to see any improvements to my skin in terms of pigmentation.

(3) Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel (125ml/RM152)

This is an exfoliating lotion to be used before toner. It’s gentle enough to be used everyday and complements the Brightening Exfoliator. It is a clear lotion with a pleasant scent and contains tamarind fruit extracts for eliminating impurities and dead skin cells, encouraging cell renewal and reviving skin radiance, white nettle for tightening skin texture and mimosa tenuiflora for softening and soothing skin.

(4) Whitening Soft Aqua-Milk (200ml/RM145)

I love this toner for its milky texture and scent. If it wasn’t quite so expensive, I would indulge in this toner as it’s just so soothing and a joy to use. It’s my favourite product in the entire White Plus HP Collection.

(5) Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum (30ml/RM260)

A while back, I had a 15ml tube of this serum but I don’t think 15ml was enough to produce any improvements to my skin. Nevertheless, I do like the texture of this serum as it absorbs so well into skin. Surprisingly, RM260 is reasonable for a Clarins serum considering Clinique’s Derma White Brightening Essence is the same price.

(6) Whitening Moisture Day Emulsion SPF20++ (50ml/RM190)

I like that this day moisturizer contains SPF20 and not just SPF15 like a lot of moisturizers out there. I’m not sure if oily skins will take to this moisturizer though as it is on the creamy side but on my skin, it absorbs well without any trace of stickiness.

(7) Whitening Repairing Night Cream (50ml/RM240)

This is the star of the White Plus HP range this year as it is the first night cream with two white flowers, White Daisy and Sea Lily extracts which target the direct and indirect causes of skin hyperpigmentation, fighting daytime UV rays and stress accumulated from morning to night. It has almost the same texture as the day moisturizer.