Shape Up With Collistar



Ever wanted to shape up but have been procrastinating? Maybe you’re waiting for the right time and opportunity? Well there’s a very good reason to do so right now with the “Shape Up Challenge with Collistar”. Hong Kong Sa Sa (M) Sdn Bhd is collaborating with Collistar and Celebrity Fitness in the search for eighty eight (88) customers to join a holistic body program – “Shape Up Challenge with Collistar” that only takes 90 days for an incredible result; and what’s a little more motivation, the Grand Prize of a trip to Italy plus other fabulous prizes.

Participants join the Shape Up Challenge & get ahead with big saving up to RM2,000. With RM150 enrollment fees & they will receive:-

a. FREE Collistar Shape Up Challenge starter pack worth RM495.
b. FREE 30 days Celebrity Fitness membership with unlimited access to fitness classes.
c. 50% off on Shape Up Challenge program’s products up to 90 days.
d. 4 monthly workshops to gain useful tips and information on good nutrition & exercise tips.

“Shape up with Collistar” is a holistic body program which integrates shape up into lifestyle with 4 simple steps. The four stages of workshop starts with:-

  • Step 1 – Exfoliation & Cellulite Softening;
  • Step 2 – Fat Burning & Slimming;
  • Step 3 – Tone, Firm, & Shape Sculpturing;
  • Step 4 – Bust Firming & Volumising.

Sa Sa also has another ticket to offer to reward Collistar’s customers. A minimum spend of RM300 on any Collistar products which includes the Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate during the campaign period, Customer stand a chance to win a free air-ticket to Italy.

During the launch of the “Shape Up Challenge with Collistar”, there were two belly dancing performances by a male and female instructor from Celebrity Fitness. The male dancer wowed all of us with his amazing abs. The way he glided and writhed across the stage was nothing short of impressive and made me wonder how I found it so difficult during the one and only belly dancing class I’ve taken. The man’s belly dancing was spellbinding and what a body!

male dancer

female dancer

The star product in the Collistar bodycare range is the new Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate, a truly avant-grade formula which draws inspiration from two techniques in cosmetic medicine; biorevitalizing and mesotherapy. Anticellulite action, “messotherapy” effect Meso-Dren ComplexTM fights imperfections caused by cellulite with a cocktail of active ingredients similar to those used in mesotherapy. Recompacting action, “biorevitalizing” effect by drawing inspiration from aserhetic doctors, Bio-shape ComplexTM smoothes, regenerates and firms skin tissues. The results – ‘Orange Peel’ effect and fat accumulations fade away. The silhouette is lightened, skin becomes more toned and compact.


It was applied on our hands during testing time and the rollerballs massage limbs with a cooling sensation. There are lots of other Collistar bodycare products (especially those that target cellulite) to check out:-



Maybe I should get working on the abdomen area. The male belly dancer is inspiring me! Now which Celebrity Fitness outlet is he based in? Might be time to pick up those belly dancing classes again.