Nuxe Regional Education Manager Presents An Anti-Aging Affair With Flowers



We all have questions about anti-aging skincare such as at what age should we begin using them, how do we combine them with skincare for other concerns, do we really need serums and what anti-aging moisturisers are most suitable for our skins especially when there are so many choices out there. Sometimes you go up to a beauty counter and tell them that your concern is anti-aging and you are recommended the same product for someone ten years younger than you and you wonder if that’s really the right product for you. Well NUXE has different anti-aging skincare ranges for different stages of aging.

Nuxe & Sasa organised a presentation by NUXE’s Regional Education Manager, Ryan Lau on “An Anti-Aging Affair With Flowers”. NUXE skincare ingredients are natural and mainly flower extracts. With so many NUXE skincare on the shelves at Sasa, it can be a bit confusing to know which is the right one for us. Ryan enlightened two groups of bloggers with his tips to choosing the right product, the importance of a skincare regime and introduced us to NUXE’s anti-aging range.

P1220873(1)To choose the right skincare, we have to look at our skin type, needs and concerns. No matter what these are, everyone should follow a skincare regime which is:-

  • removal (of make-up)
  • cleansing
  • toning
  • preparation
  • nutrition
  • protection

Most people prefer a fluid matte finish for day. Ryan recommends using a lighter moisturiser such as an emulsion or lotion for day and a richer cream for night as skin has to be nourished at night to prevent dehydration. Cleansing milk which contains macadamia oil is good for dry skins. Cleansing waters are more suitable for those with combination skins.

It’s important to use a toner to balance skin pH after using tap water to rinse off our cleansers.  Toner purifies the tap water impurities and prepares skin for nutrition.

NUXE has the 1st pre-serum with natural ingredients, namely the Nuxellance Jeunesse. NUXE calls this product the 1st “floral battery”for repairing mitochondria DNA. Every one of our cells contains 1,500 mitochondria and at the heart of the mitochondria is mitochondria DNA. NUXE’s laboratory identified 3 flower extracts and demonstrated their activity on the repair of mitochondria DNA.


The 3 flower extracts whose chemical composition and concentration of active molecules revealed an incredible action on the protection  and repair of mitochondria DNA are:-

1. passionflower

2. anchusa

3. poppy

Nuxellance Jeunesse can be used as the essential step, morning and/or night for normal skin and combination skin or under a cream to pamper those with dry to very dry skin. Its delicate fragrance is infused with subtle Linseed Flower, Lily of the Valley, Heliotrope, Mandarin and Nectarine notes. It has a paraben-free formula and 87% of the ingredients are of natural origin. Its removable pump system only needs to be pressed once to deliver the right amount.

Nuxellance Jeunesse retails at RM180/50ml.

There are 3 main anti-aging ranges:-

1. Nirvanesque to erase first expression lines

2. Merveillance to correct visible expression lines

3. Nuxuriance for mature skins

Those who have wrinkles caused by stress need relaxing and for those in this category, NUXE recommends the anti-aging range to treat the first visible signs of aging, Nirvanesque. The Nrvanesque line is formulated  based on the original and innovative concept of Floral Neurocosmetics, which is the use of active natural properties of flowers to hunder the transmission of neorotransmitters responsible for skin stress sensation, tensions and expression lines.

P1220865(1)The Nirvanesque range has an exclusive patented complex of Blue Lotus Seeds, Poppy Seeds and Althea Root (Marshmallow) to inhibit the release of Acetylcholine, Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide (CGRP) and Substance P, the three main neurotransmitters responsible for the contraction of facial muscles and the skin’s inflammatory process that create a state of “skin stress”, leaving skin less tensed and erasing the early signs of wrinkles.

There are 3 products in the Nirvanesque range:-

1. Crème Nirvanesque

2. Crème Nirvanesque Enrichie

3.  Nirvanesque Contour des Yeux

Nirvanesque range retails at RM140-RM160,

NUXE created the Merveillance range to provide precise corrective actions on visible expression lines at all levels of the skin with active rare plant ingredients.

P1220864(1)Merveillance contains wheat-derived Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres to fill in expression lines. There’s also Oak Extracts, Althea Root,  Calendula Officinalis, Malt Exract and Mimosa Seeds.

There are 3 products in the Merveillance range:-

1. Sérum Merveillance

2. Crème Merveillance

3. Fluide Merveillance

Merveillance range retails at RM168-RM198.

Finally we get to the range which I will probably need in a few years, Nuxuriance for mature skin. This range caters to the loss of density, pigmentation, wrinkles and loss of radiance. These mark the start of hormonal aging and the result of less than optimal skiin function as we grow older.


The products contain botanical Hyaluronic Acid and Tetrapeptide Dermican™ to fill in fine lines and strengthen collagen fibers. There’s also patented Araucaria seeds, Maca Root and Bakau Plant Extract for firming action and anti-dark circles and anti-brown spots effect. Plant Caffeine provides anti-puffiness action.

There are 4 products in the Nuxuriance range:-

1. Nuxuriance Anti-aging Re-densifying Concentrated Serum

2. Nuxuriance Anti-aging Re-densifying Emulsion

3, Nuxuriance Anti-aging Re-densifying Cream

4. Nuxuriance Eye & Lip Global Anti-aging Cream


Ryan recommended the Nuxuriance Eye & Lip Global Anti-aging Cream for all ages as it helps with the lines around the lips right up to the chin area.

Nuxuriance range retails at RM188-RM240,