Sephora Holiday Collection 2012 Part 2


Continuing with our peek at Sephora’s Holiday Collection 2012, there are a lot of bath and body products available. The psychedelic design is seen on the packaging of the Chic Guimauve body scrub, bubble bath and body lotion. There are make-up palette ranging from small to the Mother of all makeup palettes to choose from. Indeed, whether you are more of a bodycare addict or someone who can’t get enough of makeup (in which case, join the club!), there certainly is something for everyone in Sephora’s Holiday Collection 2012. Prices are listed where available.

Magic Wand 10 Bubble Bath RM22

Bath Oil Chic Guimauve 250ml

Handwash Chic Guimauve 250ml RM22

Limited Edition Assortment Pouch  RM74

1 Pouch with 1 Limited Edition Guimauve Bubble Bath and Shower Gel 260ml

1 Limited Edition Moisturizing Body Lotion 190ml/1 Pink Bath Flower


Limited Edition Premium Assortment RM109

1 Guimauve Bubble Bath and Shower Gel 260ml

1 Smoothing Body Scrub 140ml

1 Moisturizing Body Lotion 190ml

Guimauve Body Scrub 140ml/RM29, Body Lotion 190ml/RM29 & Bubble Bath 260ml/RM36 are available individually.

Blueberry Bath Set RM69

Mini Bath Set Blueberry RM49

Peony Bath Set RM69

Mini Bath Set Peony RM49

4 Makeup Brush Set RM89

Lip Gloss Wand in 2 shades (pink/nude) R39 each

Bewitching Eye Kit RM89

Outrageous Volume Mascara in Ultra Black 

Glitter Eyeliner + Mascara 

Crayon Nano Eyeliner in Midnight Black

Set of 5 Eye Jumbo Liners RM109 (Taupe/Kaki/Black/Purple Glitter/White Glitter)

Sephora Palette 8 eyeshadows

Makeup Palette 9 eyeshadows/4 gloss/1 blush RM39 (who says you can’t get nice gifts for less than RM50?)

Makeup Palette 36 eyeshadows/12 gloss/6 blush RM89 (pretty good value!)

When the 1st batch of this Mother of all palettes became available at Sephora earlier this month, it sold out fast. What you see at Sephora now is the 2nd batch of this gargantuan palette. Let me know if anyone wants a review of this Color Pop-Up Store (it is more than a palette!) with 64 eyeshadows/48 lip glosses/12 cream eyeliners//3 blushes/3-in-1 luminizers/3-in-1 eye, lip and cheek creams/6 eye top coats/6 lip top coats/3 brushes. Takes my breath away and leaves me speechless. All for RM159,

Happy Shopping everyone and if you get something, do share what you got as I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Oh my, I’m thinking of spoiling my best friend with the giant Sephora palette. But I’ve read that the colour pigments aren’t that good and it sure takes up a lot of space on your dresser. =