“The Science Behind BRAND’S Essence Of Chicken” Interactive Dialogue Session : Benefits Of BRAND’S Essence Of Chicken


dsc_5360One of my earliest childhood memories is of having to drink BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken and cod liver oil on a regular basis. I love the taste of the former and hated the latter. One I looked forward to drinking and the other I dreaded. This morning’s traffic was horrific as there was congestion everywhere. It took me an hour and a half to get to BRAND’S® Experience Center in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam to attend the “The Science Behind BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken” Interactive Dialogue Session that was led by Senior Scientist BRAND’S® Suntory International, Dr Jack Wong Jing Lin.

According to Dr Wong, drinking BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken is not only good for the body and mind which reduces tiredness and improves concentration but also gives precious benefits that are most valuable for lactating mothers.

“BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken has been widely studied and supported by over 40 international scientific papers and clinical studies and it is also proven to improve the quality of colostrum and helps to boost up the quantity of breast milk”, explained Dr Wong.

Dr Wong also informed us that as Malaysian’s staple food is mostly white rice and bread, they have research showing that consumption of BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken together with white rice or bread helps reduce glycaemic response. This could be beneficial to people who are concerned about their blood sugar level.