Good Range But They Don’t Polish Much

L to R – Tropical Indulgence, Sweet Nourishment & Fruit Revitaliser

The next best thing to being in Boots in England is being in Boots in Bangkok. I have loved browsing in Boots since the very first time I stepped foot in a Boots outlet. If there was a Boots outlet right here in Kuala Lumpur, I’m sure it’d be like my second home.

During my trip to Bangkok, I picked up these 3 body polishing cleansers. They come in 3 scents, Tropical Indulgence (coconut and sweet almond), Sweet Nourishment (vanilla and brazil nut) and Fruit Revitaliser (mango and shea butter). I couldn’t decide between them so I got all 3.

As with most Boots bodycare products, the scent of all 3 is lovely and exhilarating. It lifts up my spirits and leaves the bathroom smelling of whatever scent of cleanser I used. I use them on damp skin and they produce a slight lather if used directly on the skin. I use a bath sponge as I want as much foam as possible.

However, I’m not sure why they are called polishing cleansers because they really don’t polish much. Sure, there are some granules of sorts in each cleanser but I can’t feel much of the scrubbing action. They are more of shower gels than polishing cleansers.

If you aren’t buying them for their use as scrubs, then you won’t be disappointed. As shower gels, they don’t disappoint and they are reasonably priced at 99 baht (there was a storewide sale when I was there) or equivalent of approximately RM9.90.