Q & A With Godfrey Gao, SK-II Brand Ambassador




A group interview with SKII’s one and only male Brand Ambassador, Godfrey Gao wasn’t what I expected but since I was offered the opportunity, I couldn’t pass it up although it is my policy not to participate in group interviews. Firstly, what’s to stop others from taking my questions and answers and making it theirs? Nothing. They are at liberty to and secondly, I wouldn’t like to pinch others questions and answers even if they’ve asked questions on my list. I mean, I can’t be asking the same question even though I thought of the same question, right? Godfrey Gao is of course, the dashing and debonair actor who has starred both in Hollywood and Asian films. He is undoubtedly tall, not-so-dark and undeniably handsome. Seriously, if any woman went out with him, she’d be the envy of all womankind and maybe even some men!

I was in the room with 5 other media and we took turns asking questions. I don’t think it’s fair for me to post verbatim on their questions so I will briefly sum up what the others asked. The first question was one that was on my list but asked by the 1st media person – what’s his skincare regimen. Godfrey places much importance on cleansing as he uses so much make-up in photo shoots and during filming. He cleanses 2-3 times a day and especially when he wakes up and before he goes to bed. SKII products he uses are a facial cleanser, Facial Treatment Essence to balance and tone and an anti-aging moisturizer (his 3 major products). Sometimes he uses a mask to repair the damage caused by too much make-up when he’s been on set for 2-3 months.

Godfrey is currently working on an ancient Chinese warrior film and is learning horseback riding. He’s keen and enthusiastic about trying something new so we look forward to Godfrey’s new project! His resolution for 2015 is to become a better fighter and do more of his own stunts. I am sure we will be swooning over Godfrey in ancient warrior costume and what a magnificent hero he will make.

He places importance on exercise and especially on taking in enough water and eating right in which he said “you’ll be a trendsetter in your own way”. When it comes to fashion, he’s a casual guy as he favours jeans, sweaters and t-shirts. He likes to switch up the colours, wear denim, colorful hats and vibrant shoes. I think Godfrey would look good in anything with his frame and physique. If he wasn’t already such a popular and successful actor, he’d be on every runway from China to Milan and New York.

When it comes to winding down after his projects, he enjoys spending time at a beach or tropical island with family and friends indulging in sports activities, enjoy the surroundings and not thinking about anything. Hmmmm……wonder what are the chances of bumping into Godfrey while on vacation? I have got to take more beach vacations.

Godfrey believes that creating a good 1st impression has to do with one’s skin condition. If you don’t present yourself well, it tells a lot about that person. A guy who likes to groom himself will present himself well while he may feel uncomfortable if he has bad skin.


These are the questions I asked from my list:-

You have had the opportunity to work in Asia and in Hollywood. Are there differences/similarities when it comes to the way men approach skincare in Asia and in Western countries?

There’s more emphasis on men’s skincare and a growing awareness among men in Asia but I’ve found that men are more into grooming themselves in Western countries.

Do you think that men are less concerned about ageing than women? Have you any anti-ageing tips to share? 

Men are more stressed out about their hair than about catching up on skincare products. With regular exercise and a healthy diet, men won’t get so many wrinkles. Start early on skincare, then you will see results when you turn 30. When I turned 30, I couldn’t play more than 2 basketball games without stretching beforehand. Men should find the right skincare products they like.

As your mum is from Penang, what are your favourite Penang or Malaysian foods?

I love ice kacang, curries, char kuey teow, appam. When I am back here, my cousins bring me around. However, I dislike durians as the smell is horrible.

All images of Godfrey Gao are courtesy of SKII Malaysia.