Purification Facial At Raw Nature

L to R – Geranium Floral Water, Gentle Cleansing Milk, Soft Exfoliating Cream

My skin was just recovering from a dreadful facial when I received another invitation from Raw Nature to try out the 2nd of their quick-fix facials, the purification facial. Exactly what I needed because my skin had been ravaged by the extraction process during the worst facial of my life 2 weeks ago so I couldn’t go through another extraction so soon.

Raw Nature’s quick-fix facials don’t involve any extractions and are designed for people in a hurry. However, that doesn’t mean that the quality or quantity of the products is compromised. In fact, the Florame products used during the quick-fix facial did my skin a world of good compared to the 1.5 hours I literally suffered at the hands of the incompetent beautician at the other facial salon earlier.

As I’ve explained in my earlier post on the detoxification quick-fix facial at Raw Nature, the purification facial is the follow-up facial to the detoxification facial. Those who have sensitive skin are especially advised to undergo the detox facial first to prep their skin for the purification facial.

There are 3 parts to the purification facial:-

(1) Cleansing

Make-up is removed with geranium floral water.

Gentle Cleansing Milk applied to cleanse skin.

Without wiping off the Gentle Cleansing Milk, the Soft Exfoliating Cream was massaged on to skin.

L to R – Cornflower Floral Water, Aroma Serum, Smooth Purifying Mask

(2) Purification

Cornflower Floral Water was used to wipe off the Gentle Cleansing Milk & Soft Exfoliating Cream with a cotton pad.

Cornflower Floral Water is sprayed on to skin.

Aroma Serum is applied.

Smooth Purifying Mask applied over Aroma Serum which delays the formation of blackheads and draws out impurities. The Mask tightens pores and has a firming effect on skin. It’s a clay mask with a soft, cool texture, left on for 10 minutes.

L to R – Aqua Serum, Aroma Serum, Smooth Soothing Mask, Nourishing Smooth Cream

(3) Hydration

Aqua Serum which has an Aloe Vera base is massaged on to skin for hydration.

Aroma Serum which is oil based is massaged on to skin for moisturisation.

The Smooth Soothing Mask is applied over the 2 Serums.

After removing the Smooth Soothing Mask, the Nourishing Smooth Cream was applied.

Overall, I felt that my skin was much more hydrated afterwards. My skin definitely felt the better for it especially after it’d gone through much unneccesary prodding a week prior to this facial leaving my skin with open pores. The lesson I learnt is that it’s not about the quantity of time – you can have a facial that lasts for 1.5 hours and be worse off while a facial that is only half an hour long can benefit your skin a lot more if quality products are used.

The purification facial is the same price as the detox facial but there is currently a promotion of RM68 for the purification facial.