Quick Fix Facial At Raw Nature

L to R – Gentle Cleansing Milk, Gentle Foaming Oil, Gentle Tonic Lotion, Aqua Serum, Aroma Serum, Smooth Soothing Mask, Sun Cream SPF15. Delicate Eye Contour Cream

While I’m sure that most ladies love facials, we might not always have the luxury of time to indulge in a lengthy facial. With most facials, we have to set aside 1.5-2 hours. What if you’re in a hurry but need a quick fix as you have a function to attend and want to look your best? Raw Nature has the answer to that need, quick fix facials which are just half an hour long.

There are 2 types of quick fix facials offered at Raw Nature, detoxification and purification facials. They recommend 1st timers to have the detox facial first followed by a 2nd purification facial as skin should ideally be detox-ed first before it is in prime condition to absorb other nutrients. The main difference between the 2 facials is that there skin is scrubbed and a 2nd mask applied during the purification facial.

During my detoxification facial courtesy of Raw Nature, only Florame products were used. My face was cleansed with Gentle Cleansing Milk which dissolves oil and make-up. It is enriched with Rose Floral Water, organic Aloe Vera, organic Shea Butter and Castor Oil.

A very soft brush was used to apply the Cleansing Milk, it felt like my face was being stroked by a feather, so lightweight was the brush which I’m told was bought in Europe for the almost princely sum of 60 Euros. Apparently, the brush has been used many times yet has shown no signs of fraying.

After the Cleansing Milk, the Gentle Foaming Oil was applied with a cotton pad to promote blood circulation. It’s oil which transforms into a light, soft foam, removes impurities and excess sebum. At home, one applies it with the palms just like any other cleansing oil. It’s enriched with Rose and Orange Blossom Floral Waters and Sweet Almond Extract.

When my skin was thoroughly cleansed, the Gentle Tonic Lotion was applied. It’s a delighful toner which refreshes, brightens the complexion and has been specially formulated to gently  complete the face cleansing step. Besides the protective anti-oxidant action of the Organic  Dermastress-Protection compound, its unique formula is enriched with organic  Glycerine and organic Rose, Orange Blossom and Peppermint Floral Waters.

Next the Aqua Serum which is an intense moisturiser was applied. It contains Aloe Vera to soothe and improve hydration. This was followed by the Aroma Serum for dry skin which contains Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Borage Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, a combination of vegetable oils and a range of essential oils for balancing hormones.

My mask was the Smooth Soothing Mask which contains Shea Butter and Geranium for repairing, soothing and helping to improve hydration, give and lock in moisture. It has a soft, creamy texture and can be used as a sleeping mask. If used during the day, just wipe off excess with a tissue after 10-20 minutes.

To complete the facial, the Sun Cream Face Medium Protection SPF15 with organic vegetable oils and organic Buriti was applied. This sunscreen is formulated so that the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are capsulated on surface of skin and doesn’t penetrate skin.

The Delicate Eye Contour Cream was applied, an eye cream which is formulated to not cause milia seeds to form. For the Purification Facial, the extra products applied are the Soft Exfoliating Cream and Smooth Purifying Mask.

This Quick Fix Facial will leave skin glowing and prepped for a night out. The normal retail price of this facial is RM168 but Raw Nature is currently offering it for RM68. You can have a quick fix in a tick.