Poor Quality Face Masks Are Not Worth The Price No Matter How Low The Price Is


dsc_8932Sometimes I am amazed at the prices of face masks online but I have learnt my lesson that low prices doesn’t mean good or even acceptable quality. Way back in March/April, I bought a few batches of face masks (before I started my fabric mask shopping spree) which were on average below RM20 for 20 masks. That seemed like a good price. All the masks were from China since at that time, it was really impossible to get my hands on face masks anywhere in the Klang Valley.

I experimented using the masks with a mask extender and before I could even put it on my face, the ear loop snapped. That’s how fragile it is. I think they must have used the lowest quality material on the masks. I’m not saying all the masks available online are of this quality but I think that if the price is too good to be true, then one might encounter problems such as this. It’s just throwing away money if you get a batch of poor quality masks. The only thing these masks are good for is as a filter for my fabric masks. These ear loops can snap any time I am wearing them and if I don’t have a spare mask handy, I am in trouble.