Happiness Will Come Knocking Again : A Drama About Resilience


happiness-will-come-knocking-againAnother drama starring “Yanxi Palace” actor/actress Nie Yuan & Wu Jin Yan? I was a bit hesitant about watching “Happiness Will Come Knocking Again”, a modern day drama but I was curious. This is the first modern day drama I have seen featuring these two. Nie Yuan is Huang Zi Li, a doctor with a  promising career as he gets promoted in the 1st episode. His wife is pregnant but I suspected (from conversations between husband and wife) in Episode 1 that the baby isn’t his. His wife is also a doctor in the same hospital and when we see her in Episode 1, she is already heavily pregnant.

Huang Zi Li’s wife plans to give birth in her friend’s hospital rather than in her own hospital. This is to cover up the fact that the baby is half-Caucasian as she has previously been married to an American when she was studying in the USA. What’s surprising though is she gets divorced shortly after conception. returns to China (specifically Suzhou) and proposes to Huang Zi Li who is her father’s (a professor) favourite student and who has always carried a torch for her. On their wedding night, she throws up before they’ve even consummated the marriage and tells him she might be pregnant. How she could deceive him like this and for him to be so accepting is surprising.

As things turn out, the wife goes into premature labour after performing an emergency operation and of course once the baby is born, everybody there can see the baby is not Huang Zi Li’s. It is from that moment on that Huang Zi Li’s life begins to unravel at a rapid pace.

There’s Wu Jin Yan who is a dedicated and hard working police woman. She aspires to be a detective and she crosses paths with Huang Zi Li a few times. Huang Zi Li gets framed after he performs heart surgery on an old man who dies. It’s actually the fault of another doctor but Huang Zi Li is made the scapegoat. He loses his job and his wife proposes a divorce as she totally misunderstands his intention of marrying her.

Some parts of this drama are a bit slow and draggy. Wu Jin Yan looks swallowed up in her uniform and I preferred Nie Yuan’s initial hair style. After he loses his job, he gets a buzz cut which doesn’t make him look as good. I would have thought being a doctor, he would have had the shorter hair and when he lost his job, he wouldn’t care about looking neat and let his hair grow.

So far I have only watched 10 episodes and I am not liking it that much. However I am curious about how Huang Zi Li falls for Fang Yan. It’s hard to believe though that after his wife’s unreasonable behaviour in accusing him of marrying her just so he could make use of her father’s (the professor) influence/connections to further his career, he could still be so caring for her and her father’s welfare. In this drama, the wife is such a shrew and doesn’t deserve him especially since she couldn’t even tell him before their marriage that she might be pregnant with her ex-husband’s baby.