Graceful Friends Is My Pick For Best Korean Drama of The Year


gfAs I continue to watch “Graceful Friends”, I wish there were more than 2 episodes a week as the drama is so interesting. In last week’s episodes, the friends discover that one of them has early Alzheimer’s and he is not even 50. What do the friends do? They drive off after their drinking session to the seaside and once they get there in the morning, they scream their lungs out and all of them run to the sea to relieve stress.

All of them have problems – one has just been asked to resign from his job, another has his ex-wife staying with him while another has a wife who landed him a contract presumably by sleeping with the person who offered him the contract. Although I am just as gripped by the plot of “Flower of Evil”, I think that “Gracious Friends” is even better because of the different characters, their motives and (more) yet to be revealed past. The flashbacks to their college days in each episode make this drama rather addictive.

The best thing about this drama is that it’s very realistic as it touches on what middle-aged people go through, especially if they are haunted by the past. There are plenty of Korean dramas where the plot is so silly (I can only get through a few minutes’ of these) and the plot is really predictable but with “Gracious Friends”, you never know what is going to happen next which is why I look forward to every episode. Hopefully there will be more of such Korean dramas in future.