Plot Thickens In The Song Of Glory With Villains And Villainesses Galore


songRight now I am half-way through “The Song Of Glory” and finally the main characters discover their true identities at their marriage. Prince Regent Liu Yi Kang and assassin extraordinaire,  Shen Li Ge have met each other countless times but they didn’t reveal their names. From episode 1, Shen Li Ge’s mission was to kill Liu Yi Kang. Actually there were so many more characters who deserved to be killed by her but she had been brainwashed into thinking the Prince supported the corrupt faction in court and that he was responsible for the death of her parents.

During their marriage, she stabs him with a poisoned dagger (she didn’t know it was poisoned) without seeing his face. Too late, she finds out he is the main she loves all along. What happens after the stabbing is very interesting as she reunites with the Prince after fleeing his mansion. She is the kind of heroine much to be admired as she has enough wit to survive the plots around her. It doesn’t help that her relative, Shen Le Qing has taken on the job of maid in the Prince’s mansion and is doing everything she can to bring down the indomitable Shen Li Ge, including trying to poison her.

This drama takes palace intrigue to a whole new level. Luckily for the Prince Regent, the woman he loves is no naïve and unsuspecting victim. It never takes Shen Li Ge long to find out who is behind each plot and it makes great viewing to watch a heroine who is not afraid of her enemies. Can’t wait to know what else is in store for the hero and heroine.