Adidas Originals Rainbow Tee Embraces Diversity With Bands Of Colour


dsc_8818It’s been a few months since I bought something from Adidas, I believe the last time was in March when they had a sale in conjunction with Women’s Day. Earlier this month, I went to the Adidas store in Sunway Pyramid and saw this beautiful rainbow-inspired tee but all the sizes on display were XS and S. Normally if they don’t display other sizes, that means they have sold out of those sizes. Anyway I didn’t ask if they had bigger sizes as I could go to their other stores.

As it happened, I was at Adidas Originals Pavilion (the newly opened store) and asked the staff them about the shirt. It wasn’t on display there but they had it in the store room. However the biggest size they had was L and I could tell it was slightly too small for me. They checked and informed me there was only one XL left and it was at Adidas Originals Mid Valley so off I went a few hours later and again it wasn’t on display. The staff took some time looking for it in the store room. After 10 minutes, she came out with the tee and had to check to see if it had been reserved for another customer. Luckily for me it was not.