Paul Roberts Sings David Bowie


dscn94511There I was among a sea of David Bowie fans, some of whom were older than me, not surprising since David Bowie was famous since the 1960s but I only started listening to some of his songs in the 1980s. Most of the attendees at the Paul Roberts Sings David Bowie concert at the Avenue K Mall Rooftop were familiar with Bowie’s songs but I have to admit I don’t know much about his songs pre-1980s.

Paul Roberts was lead singer of The Stranglers between 1990-2006 and when I heard his voice, I thought it sounded very much like David Bowie’s and he looked the part too. The lights were bright, the musicians were incredibly talented and Paul Roberts was in his element as David Bowie, one of the geniuses of the music world.


The show included smash hits such as “Let’s Dance”, “The Jean Genie”, “China Girl”, “Rebel Rebel”, “Sound and Vision”, “Fame”, “Suffragette City”, the classic “Space Oddity”, the wonderful “The Next Day”, and many more.