Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Wash



I’m sure all of us have used a Palmer’s product at one time or another especially their famous lotions of which there’s cocoa butter formula, olive formula and shea butter formula. I had this small bottle of Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Wash in my sample stash and it’s the first time I’ve used their Body Wash.

It’s a creamy formulation which produces a decent amount of lather (not a lot but satisfactory amount). It is without sulfates and has a combination of certified organic Cocoa Butter and gentle-cleansing and emollient-rich moisturizing ingredients.


P1190546(1)For a drugstore body wash, it’s quite moisturising in that my skin didn’t feel dry after my shower but I wouldn’t say it was super-smooth and soft either. The scent was just right, not too strong with a combination of vanilla and cocoa butter. I couldn’t really smell it on my skin after my shower. Consistency was quite runny but then I didn’t expect a drugstore body wash to be concentrated. Overall, an above average daily body wash. If this was not a drugstore body wash, I’d probably use it every other day.


  1. OMG, just realise i got typing errors(head too dizzy). Amazingly, you could understand =P . I just prefer a bogy was that is not drying cause too lazy. Enough of the need to take care of face. I do not have time for hair and body.hahaha =P

    • You are so funny, you actually made me laugh which is not easy. Of course can understand but what is a bogy? Hahaha! Something that came out of the nose ah?

    • Oops.another error=p .bogy is body shampoo. Lol.not controlling the fingers well =< when sick.