Clarins Energizing Emulsion



While the majority of us diligently use skincare and bodycare to a certain extent, I do think  we tend to neglect our legs and why should we not take care of our legs too especially for those who have to stand for long hours. There are occasions when I have had to stand for more than an hour while waiting for an event to commence and while I don’t wear heels any more (save for very special occasions), I can feel the strain on my legs.

So what’s the best relief for tired legs? Aha! Clarins has just the product in the form of Energizing Emulsion which is a light blue gel with Chamomile, Sage, Cypress and Basil. It is very lightweight and can even be applied over stockings although I’ve never tried it that way.

It feels very soothing, refreshing and slightly cooling. Instantly, my legs don’t ache as much any more and it’s really good as a moisturiser for legs as it smoothens the rough parts. If you ever want to massage your legs, this is great as a massage lotion.

Retails at RM121/125ml.

Review is based on a 30ml sample.


  1. This really come at the right time! I was at Mama & Baby fair MV yesterday and when I notice the time, I’ve been walking for 6hrs (in sandals ) and only sit during my lunch in between that 6hrs. My legs are super tired when I reached home and saw your post. Coincidentally, I oso have a 30ml of this from GWP. It really soothed my tired legs a lot. I can still feel the tensed muscle but not as much. Thank !