OXY Whitening Oil Control Wash


dscn00291OXY Whitening Oil Control Wash is targeted at teens and young people like in their early 20s who are more prone to have oily skins. So I am obviously not the most suitable person to review this product but I have used it and as expected, it’s a bit too drying for me.

This face wash comes with new formulation and technology which helps to achiever fairer, brighter skin, shine control and minimises the appearance of pores. It contains herbal microbeads which encapsulate 9 whitening and oil control herbal extracts which release upon application on skin to boost the whitening and oil control efficacy.


Lathers up well and feels like it deeply cleanses, should be ideal for anyone seeking to control excess sebum as it’s formulated to penetrate deep into the layers of skin to remove impurities, dirt and oil trapped within pores.

OXY Whitening Oil Control Wash available in 2 packl sizes, i.e. 50g at RM8.50 and 100g at RM13.90.

Product reviewed is a press sample.