One Of The Best : Cleansing Express Eye Make-Up Remover


There’re aren’t that many good budget eye make-up removers that I know of so I usually stick to the ones I know work for me. Some of the mascaras that I am using at the moment are ridiculously difficult to remove without a trace.

The little 29ml bottle of Cleansing Express Eye Make-Up Remover came with the purchase of the Cleansing Express Lotion (Moist) which I’d repurchased recently. I thought it was a good deal since I’d be paying the usual discounted price yet get an extra something.

Eye Make-Up Remover
Just one wipe

It’s a good sized bottle for travelling too. Having used the Cleansing Lotion many times, I was sure the Eye Make-Up Remover wouldn’t disappoint. It’s said to contain deep sea water, thus giving a moisturizing effect to eyelashes and dryness-prone areas around the eyes.

The first time I used it, I poured a rather generous amount on to the cotton pad and pressed it against my eyelids. With gentle motions, I managed to wipe off all the eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara in just one go.

It caused no irritation or stinging to the eyes. It was very gentle and as the product description states, it is a “hypoallergenic formulation friendly to sensitive skin”. It doesn’t contain any fragrance, colorant and preservative.

The full-sized bottle is 145ml and costs RM26.90.