Naturals By Watsons Argan Shampoo


dsc_3570After using the Watsons Rejuvenating Treatment Wax, I am gaining more confidence in Watsons hair care products. I’ve recently used Naturals By Watsons Argan Shampoo which comes in a sizeable 490ml pump bottle. This clear shampoo is formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil to nourish and revitalise hair.

It’s a gentle shampoo that doesn’t cause my scalp irritation or much hair fall-out. It cleanses my scalp very well and my hair feels quite good after rinsing. I like the mild argan scent, overall an excellent shampoo with a reasonable price @ RM22.50 (you can often get it on discount). It’ll take me some time to finish this shampoo, very generous amount.

Product reviewed is a press sample