MIVVA Glow Gizmo Box



This post would have been up 2 days earlier if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to go to Poslaju to collect my missed delivery after 8pm on Wednesday night only to find that the postman wasn’t back yet and they couldn’t tell when he’d be back. I might have been waiting there until closing time at 10pm so I gave up and returned to collect the MIVVA September box yesterday.

It’s nice that MIVVA offers something a little different from other beauty boxes (correct me if I am wrong though since I don’t keep track of what other beauty boxes offer) since they sent me an online survey before sending me the box to find out if I am a contact lens user (unfortunately I am despite having had a LASIK operation a long time ago), whether I wear daily/monthly lens and the power so that they could send me the appropriate power which is great since I could always do with an extra pair.


My favourite item in this month’s MIVVA box is the little wooden hand held mirror, so cute and handy. It’s even small enough to slip into my bag. It has a rather rustic feel to it and I will put it to good use.

The rest of the items in the box are:-

1. Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask

2. Somang Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Toner & Emulsion (samples)

3. Somang Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream & Somang Air-Bliss BB (samples)

4. Ascience Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner (samples)

5. Ascience Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner (samples)

6. IGel Lenses Magic Pop Monthly & IGel airé Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution

7. Arty Professional Mania Face Color

The contact lens alone makes this month’s MIVVA box well worth the subscription fee as they are RM60 a pair.