A Men’s Shirt That Looks Great On Women Too


img-20210317-wa0018Sometimes the design of men’s shirts is nicer than women’s shirts for some fashion brands. I came across a new Adidas x James Harden (American professional basketball player) shirt and my first impression was that it’s a women’s shirt as the design is rather feminine. The colours are soft and generally pastel, very pleasing to the eye and suits my taste in clothes. To my surprise, it is a men’s shirt which means I wear a smaller size. For their women’s shirts, I have to get their biggest size which is XXL but since this is a men’s shirt, I can wear S. How nice for a change.

The graphics on this shirt are beautiful and although I am not sure what the inspiration behind this shirt is, it reflects flora and fauna. There is a prominent pink butterfly in front and a blue bird at the back. I expected there to be a plain canvas at the back but again to my surprise, the design at the back is even lovelier than the front.



James Harden’s logo can be seen in front but it is quite subtle. You’d have to look closely to tell there’s a white logo in the middle of the graphics. There are 2 colours available, Clear Mint and White. I went with Clear Mint as that’s exactly my kind of colour. The third surprise was that the shirt is priced at RM119, I expected it to cost a lot more as the design is so unique.