I Don’t Often Take Selfies In The Changing Room But These Adidas Pants Are Too Insta-Worthy


img-20210310-wa0006Generally when I try on something in changing rooms, I don’t take selfies but this particular pair of Adidas pants was too good not to take selfies. The fabric is so soft and comfortable and I think it has a slimming effect or so I would like to think. The pants have 4 pockets in front which is very useful and practical as I don’t often use handbags especially if I am outdoors (don’t want to be a snatch theft victim).

Actually I have only seen this RYV pants at Adidas Originals Mid Valley. I didn’t see them at Adidas Sunway Pyramid or Pavilion. The cargo poclets make these pants look really cool and edgy. The price tag is rather prohibitive though at RM299.


I was a bit confused over the sizing as their website has sizes 34, 36, 38 & 40 but in their stores, they go by S, M, L and XL. I asked one of the staff who informed me that size 40 = L, that’s my size for these pants. I thought I would have to go for size 42 but size 40 fit me perfectly. Luckily we can all try on clothes now. It’s difficult to tell which is your right size if you cannot try on anything. This is the most beautiful pair of pants I have seen in maybe forever.