Medimix Classic 18 Herbs Soap



I like browsing around old sundry shops in established neighbourhoods as they often have toiletries not available in supermarkets. After lunch at my favourite Indian restaurant in Section 11 PJ one day, I popped into the sundry shop next door where they sell Medimix and Pear’s Soaps as well as lots of other products I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Medimix is an Indian brand of ayurvedic/herbal soap manufactured by a Chennai based company, Cholayil Private Limited. Cholayil also owns Cuticura, a brand which many of us are familiar with.

Medimix Classic 18 Herbs Soap has a nice herbal scent, produces gentle lather. It’s a better soap than most of the other commercial types as it’s Ayurvedic and I love anything Ayurvedic. At RM2.80 for 125g, the price is reasonable.