Max Factor Introduces New Flipstick Colour Effect Lipstick


Max Factor launched their innovative double-ended lipstick – Flipstick Colour Effect Lipstick– last week with their Make-up Artist, Mr. Jonathan Li from Hong Kong in attendance. In light of the new trend at runways in Europe – colorful, edgier, fun, bold and beautiful lip art.

Max Factor’s Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath has created avant-garde lip art on the runways of Europe, whilst other artists have applied their artistry technique to create crystal embellished lips. Using bright, light and deep rich shades, influenced by prints and patterns, lips can now be two-tone, glittery, diamante-d, with unlimited looks to suit any personality or mood.

Mr. Jonathan Li with model

Expertly matched by Pat McGrath, Max Factor’s Flipstick is a multi-colored lipstick duo designed so that you can wear each color alone, blended together or in a two-tone effect. At the launch, Mr. Jonathan Li demonstrated various lip art designs, shared his thoughts on the lip art trend, how Malaysian women can create lip art and some lipstick tips.

Flipstick’s duo colour combinations are designed so you can wear each colour alone, blended together or in tandem – with a cool two-toned effect. Designed to add a new dimension to lip colour, you can sweep one shade over your upper lip and then ‘flip it’ to apply the secondary shade to your lower lip. Another way to customise lip colour is by outlining lips in one colour, then applying the second shade to the centre.

Available in 8 shades:-

1) Bloomy Pink 5

2) Folky Pink 10

3)  Boreal Mauve 15

4) Mosaic Mauve 20

5) Salsa Red 25

6) Swingy Brown 35

7) Gipsy Red 30

8) Melody Brown 40

The lighter end of Flipstick is a lot more pigmented than the darker end. I don’t know if ladies would find it a hassle to apply both ends but I think it’s a novel product since you’re getting 2 shades in 1 product. We have seen dual-ended eye shadow sticks for a long time so I guess it was only a matter of time before they came up with a dual-ended lipstick.

Salsa Red 25

At the launch event, I tried on Salsa Red as I wanted a rosy shade and this was chosen for me by the Max Factor Make-up Trainer. She applied the darker end of Salsa Red all over my lips and then the lighter shimmering end was applied to the inner part of my lips. Flipstick doesn’t feel as moisturising as some other lipsticks but then again it isn’t unbearably dry either. Both ends apply quite smoothly to lips and I don’t need to apply several layers to see the colour.

Bloomy Pink is more of a red on the darker end and a shimmering pink on the other end. In Look 1, I applied the pink all over my lips followed by the red whereas for Look 2, I applied the red on the top lip and pink on the bottom lip for contrast. Both shades do complement each other very well. I’m glad I got Bloomy Pink to take home as I don’t think I’d have liked the brown shades like Swingy Brown and Melody Brown.

As far as staying power is concerned, I can easily get 4+ hours of wear without any fading but they do leave a mark on cup rims. They smell a bit like candy but the scent dissipates within a few minutes. I don’t mind the scent but it may be an issue if you dislike scented lip products.

Max Factor will be having a contest where customers who purchase one Flipstick, stand a chance to win prizes worth RM10,000 in total. All they have to do is design their most creative lip art using Flipstick, leave their lip print on the contest form space provided and submit it with proof of purchase to the Max Factor counters. This contest is from 27th July to 30th September 2012. Contest forms are available at all participating Max Factor counters.

If you’re really creative and daring, you can jazz up the look with diamantes applied with Max Factor’s Duo Eye Lash Glue. However you choose to apply Flipstick, I guess the only limit is one’s imagination. They retail at RM56 each.

Note : Bloomy Pink 05 Flipstick is a press sample.