Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask


dsc_1796There are unscented sheet masks but personally I prefer sheet masks with scent as it helps me relax as my skin is absorbing the serum/essence. Sheet masks are my favourite masks as they deliver maximum amount of hydration into my dehydrated skin. I find them more effective than other types of hydrating masks. Furthermore, sheet masks are less expensive than a tube or tub of hydrating mask.

I was passed these 5 Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Masks for review : Rose (for moisturising), Narcissus (for hydrating), Calendula (for soothing), Camellia (for anti-aging) and Magnolia (for brightening). There are other masks such as Evening Primrose, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus. When it comes to skincare containing flower essence, Mamonde is undoubtedly the expert.

dsc_1797The masks are thin and so moist that the essence dripped as I took it out of the sachet. It’s not wrapped around any plastic so unfolding it can be a little tricky. It gives my skin such a wonderful boost of hydration and the different floral scents are truly amazing. The scent is very natural, so pleasant to apply these masks. Each mask contains 2,000ppm ingredients of flower extract which I presume is a lot!