MAC Is Beauty Alpha Girl Beauty Powder



I’ve got 4 more MAC posts to go excluding this one before I hit my 300th MAC post. I guess you could say I am somewhat focused on the brand but I’d like to say that all these posts wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the immense support given to me by this brand over the past few years and in fact, ever since I started this blog. It’s easy to get to the 300th post since I have another 2 more MAC posts in my drafts folder but I already know what my 300th MAC post will be and that’s probably coming up next week.

After lunch today, I wandered over to MAC MidValley where I tested out the MAC Is Beauty Alpha Girl Beauty Powder. It’s a soft peach which can be used as an all-over powder (sparingly please), highlighter or as blush so I had it applied as blush.

alpha girl bty powder

alpha girl

I don’t normally go for pinkish blush but in this case, I have to say the shade is quite flattering and sweet. It’s not that sheer, has good colour pay-off and doesn’t fade within a few hours.

MAC Is Beauty Alpha Girl Beauty Powder retails at RM105/10g.


  1. i’m always excited when you write a MAC post because i am limited edition fiend! and we all know that MAC has now become infamously synonymous with that!

    does alpha girl have any gold glitter or flecks in it? although the description for the shade as given by MAC states that there are gold nuances, i have not been able to see any gold at all in any online swatches except for yours (kudos to you!). how do you like it?

    again, i would be all over this collection if it was in limited edition packaging. however, due to the fact that i have soo much makeup and i have so many shades that are so close to each other, i have to “slow it down” 🙁

    what are you favourite items from this collection?

    also, congrats on almost hitting 300 MAC posts. can’t wait for your other ones! 🙂

    • Thanks Ida. I have many many more MAC posts as long as I don’t give up blogging hurhur! Ok, Alpha Girl has more of a subtle gold nuance than shimmer. I like Alpha Girl because it’s so soft and not at all powdery. It’s a flattering and buildable blush no matter what your skin tone is. My favourite products in this collection are the Fluidlines. I don’t really know how to apply them like a professional but they have such beautiful Fluidlines in this collection.

    • oh no. it would be a shame to give up something you enjoy doing. i understand people can be quite irritatingly inconsistent and inconsiderate, but i guess that’s the price you pay for doing something that hinges on relationships with other entities.

      i agree the fluidline range is impressive this time but i can’t bring myself to pay that much for something i can dupe with an eyekohl from cheaper brands that do a huge variety of colours – not a cheapskate but i’d rather pay for special packaging lol!

      anyway, thanks for the feedback and hang in there!