MAC Cine-matics Collection


One of the two latest collections from MAC instore now is the Cine-matics Collection. It comprises of the following:-

(1) 2 sets of Cine-matics makeup sets (RM250) with 3 eyeshadows, Zoom Lash Mascara, Technakohl Liner, smudge brush 275 SE & blending brush 212 SE in:-

(a) Smokey Black Makeup Lesson and

(b) Smokey Brown Makeup Lesson.

(2) 4 Lip Bags (RM165) with a Lipstick, Dazzlecreme Lip Gloss & Cremestick Liner in:-

(a) Nude Scene Lip Bag;

(b) It’s A Girl Lip Bag;

(c) Reel Drama Lip Bag; and

(d) Overnight Sensation Lip Bag.

Now the Lip Bags are pretty good value as the entire set (together with the bag) is worth a total of RM301.

(3) 2 Brush Sets (RM250):-

(a) All Over Brushes (5 piece) and

(b) Face Brushes (4 piece).

I love the brushes for the colour. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time MAC has come up with brushes in such vivid colours, I just wish the brush bags had been a bit more colourful too and in a different material.

(4) On-screen Duos (eyeshadows) where each eyeshadow retails at RM46 and the duo palette is RM30, choose from 28 eyeshadows.