M.A.C Me Over! Collection


I thought I’d only have the opportunity to view the M.A.C Me Over! Collection next week at KLCC during the M.A.C Me Over! event beginning 7th September but it’s already available at MidValley. All the samples were so pristine and untouched when I was there (not anymore!) as it’s on display from today.

As many of you may be aware by now, the Collection is in 3 parts, each part bears the name of 2 bloggers who were winners of the M.A.C Me Over! Contest. As befits a Fall Collection, many of the eyeshadows are in grey tones which can be a bit heavy for a day look but with a skilled hand, I’m sure that the eyeshadows can be used for neutral day looks.

The mono eyeshadows in this Collection are a lot better in texture and colour pay-off than the 2 quads. I found that the mattes in the quads were difficult to swatch and were patchy. However, when I brought this up with my MUA, she suggested using an eye primer and to pair matte eyeshadows with other textures such as satins, frosts and veluxe pearls. Apparently, the mattes should be used on the outer corner of the eyes over those said textures.

Although I haven’t applied the Shadesticks on my lids, I am quite taken by some of the shades, in particular Tundra and Cakeshop. However, they may be drying for some and Shadesticks aren’t known to be the easist eyeshadow products to apply.

Outof the entire Collection, I believe that the product most worth checking out are the Fluidlines as the gel liners are said to be smudge-proof but they must be applied with the right eyeliner brush for the desired effects.

Anyway, that’s more than enough of my 2 sen worth on this Collection. Here are pics of some of the products with prices listed right at the bottom of this post:-

L to R – Runaway, Rebel, Prince Noir, Smoked Purple

L to R – Secret Love, Peachstock, Offshoot & Oh, Oh,Oh

L to R – Illicit, Social Light, Curvaceous

L to R – Wee Coquette, Good Times, Spite

L to R – Creamy Bisque, Moleskin, Outre, Satin Taupe, Mythical, Carbonized
L to R – Creamy Bisque, Moleskin, Outre, Satin Taupe, Mythical, Carbonized

Price List

Eye Shadow Quads (Lady Grey & Evil Eye) RM140

Shadesticks RM70

Nail Lacquers RM42

Mono Eye Shadows RM60

Fluidlines RM72

Lipsticks/Lipglasses RM68

Eye Kohls RM65

Lip Pencils RM62

214 Short Shader Brush RM103

226 Small Tapered Blending Brush RM103

116 Blush Brush RM135

190 Foundation Brush RM135

Studio Fix Fluid NW20 RM115

Studio Fix Powder NC35 RM105

Studio Finish Concealer NW25 RM70