Big & Bold : MAC Opulash Optimum Black






There are so many mascaras promising bigger and bolder lashes. It seems as if we see a few coming out every month, be they drugstore or counter brands. With so many to choose from, how do we even decide which is the best?

MAC’s latest mascara is the Opulash Optimum Black which is a big sized mascara as is its brush. It’s so big that I find it a bit awkward to apply it to the smaller lashes on the inner corners of my eyes. Since this is a tapered brush, I use the end of the brush to apply to my sparser lashes. This is essentially a volumizing mascara which claims to deliver a more saturated black.

The formula is a blend of silica plates of mica and natural kaolin which are suppose to thicken and separate each lash. It’s also supposed to be flake and smudge resistant as well as lasting 15 hours.

One or two swipes of this mascara won’t be enough, I needed at least 5 swipes to my lashes in order to get them looking voluminous. It does thicken more than it lengthens. I don’t think that it delivers a spectacular intense black. I’ve seen blacker mascaras such as one I’ve used before from RMK.

Although it doesn’t clump my lashes, it doesn’t separate lashes that well either. Without the use of an eyelash curler, I suppose it does give lashes a bit of a curl but again, nothing dramatic. In my opinion, this mascara isn’t anything out of the ordinary whether in terms of colour or effect. It also smudged on me within less than two hours’ of wear.

While the brush may be big and bold, unfortunately it didn’t give me quite the big and bold lashes I was expecting or hoping for. The mascara is 11g/RM63 and available at MAC now.

Note : Opulash Optimum Black was provided by PR for review.