Love Lost & Found In Tears In Heaven


maxresdefaultThis weekend, I am going to binge-watch ongoing Chinese drama “Tears In Heaven”. Some Chinese modern dramas are too fast paced for me especially the way they speak (really rapid fire) but the pace of this drama is just right for me. It starts with a reporter, Du Xiao Su trying to get an interview with an injured actress in her hospital room. The room is guarded by security and watchful Dr Shao Zhen Rong. After bumping into each other a few times when Du Xiao Su is trying to sneak into the room, they end up falling in love.

The doctor has a childhood friend, businessman Lei Yu Zheng who takes a dislike to Du Xiao Su as they have some misunderstandings. Lei Yu Zheng and Du Xiao Su’s relationship is more strained when Du Xiao Su breaks up with the doctor as the doctor’s mother had previously loved Du Xiao Su’s father when they were in a village. The doctor’s mother is against their love for that reason and Du Xiao Su broke up with the doctor without explaining the true reason.

After the doctor goes off on a medical mission and is killed by a landslide, Du Xiao Su and Lei Yu Zheng gradually help each other out and in time, sparks do fly but I haven’t got that far yet.