Love At First Sniff : Laura Mercier’s Face Polish


Laura Mercier is one of those brands which is more well known for its cosmetics than its skincare. One day, I was having a makeover at the Laura Mercier kiosk in 1U and the makeup artist had to serve a customer who wanted her purchase gift wrapped. Having itchy hands, I reached out for the jars and tubes of skincare samples on the display.

That’s when I discovered the Face Polish, a scrub formulated with jojoba wax beads and sage, chamomile and rose extracts. This peach coloured scrub was just too striking to ignore so I tried it on my hand and it was love at first sniff.

It contains very fine exfoliating granules and really gives my skin a good scrub. By that, I mean I can feel it working. I dislike scrubs which are too gentle, then I feel as if it isn’t doing anything much to improve my skin texture. This one may be too harsh for those with sensitive skins but for me, it’s just perfect.

This is one scrub which I want to leave on my face for as long as possible, the scent is lovely and it doesn’t dissipate as you wash, it remains as strong as when you first applied it. It’s thoroughly enjoyable scrubbing my face with this as I find it quite aromatherapeutic.

A small amount is enough for each application. In that way, it is economical as this 100g tube with a flip-top cap will last for months, probably at least half a year. Other than making my skin soft and smooth to the touch, it gives my skin a slight radiance and glow. When I apply skincare afterwards, my skin feels even softer and smoother.

There has been a complete revamp of their skincare products and the new Face Polish looks the same as the tube I have but I was informed by one of their staff that the new formulation is a bit thicker. I believe the price remains at RM105.