L’oreal Paris Lucent Magique Pure Light Primer



This is one of the new L’oreal Paris products for a bright, luminous complexion. You’ve seen what it looks like on an egg compared to a primer from Brand X. During the make-up demo by Monica Lee, she explained that the Lucent Magique Pure Light Primer can be used to sculpt the face. Well I haven’t been that adventurous yet but I have used it to highlight my complexion as a base before foundation.



aftThe consistency of this primer isn’t thick and it’s easy to work with as it absorbs quickly into skin with no stickiness. My skin tone is really uneven and patchy at the moment. I can see the luminosity on my skin after I have applied the primer especially from the temples to the cheekbone area. It really does give that lit-from-within complexion so if you are looking for a primer to add luminosity to skin, you might just want to consider this one.

Retails at RM49.90.

Product is a press sample.


  1. Hello Juniper Journal~

    Can I know that is primer a must in make up? Currently I’m using Lucent BB cream from the same range and I saw this primer in Watsons yesterday, so I was wondering whether I should start using a primer haha~

    • Do you need a primer? It depends on the condition of your skin and the kind of BB Cream/foundation you have. Primers are useful if you have large pores as some primers will make your pores appear smaller, smoothen your skin so as to make application and absorption of BB Cream/foundation easier and quicker. However with the new generation of BB Cream/foundation nowadays, a lot of them are so top quality that you can do away with a primer. Then again, if you have oily skin, some primers can help control excess oil and make your BB Cream/foundation last longer so at the end of the day, only you will know whether you really need a primer. If your BB Cream isn’t working as well as it should be, then you should get a primer to enhance the effectiveness of the BB Cream. Personally I don’t use a primer most of the time, too troublesome and I guess I am too lazy even though I have quite a few lying around. Hope this helps 🙂

    • OMG thank you for such a detailed explanation! Your reply totally clears all my queries! And I think BB/CC cream alone is good enough for me, they work very well on me and I think I can save my money on primer 🙂

      Thank you so so so much again!