L’Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth Perfecting Shampoo


shampooI have been using L’Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth Perfecting Shampoo for a few weeks now and I was really hoping this would be the solution to my frizz problem. I don’t know anyone who has worse frizz issues with their hair than me so this seemed like an ideal range of hair products for me.

However, not only did my hair remain frizzy but my scalp itched after 24 hours. Normally I can get by with not washing my hair until 2 days later but when I used L’Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth Perfecting Shampoo, I felt like I had to wash my hair every single day so this one didn’t work out for me.

L’Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth Perfecting Shampoo retails at RM15.90.


  1. I’ve not tried this particular shampoo (mainly because from the description of the product I am sure it cannot wash my oily hair properly!) but I’ve been using the L’Oreal 6 Oil Nourishing Conditioner (gold coloured bottle) which is from the same range on the ends of my hair. This particular conditioner does seem to work. Even though it has several oils in it there is no oily feel, and my ends are smooth and easy to comb through. I can recommend this conditioner, especially if you can find the 325ml bottle on sale for less than RM10.00! The usual non-sale price is around RM15.90.