Looks Like Soap, Feels Like Soap But It’s Not Soap!


In the mornings, I use a milder, gentler facial wash than in the evenings since I don’t need to remove any makeup so I prefer to use a liquid face wash if I have one. Soap & Glory’s Face Soap and Clarity has come in very useful in the last few months for this purpose.

It’s a gel face wash with tiny pink granules which act as a scrub to brighten up complexion. Despite its name, it doesn’t have the effects of regular soap, meaning skin doesn’t feel tight after washing off. It’s non-irritating to my eyes and I love using this when I wake up as it provides a rather refreshing sensation with its fruit scent. It contains a Superfruit™ Plum Skin Brightening Complex.

It doesn’t lather up that much if I use it without a Facial Wash Net. The amount of lather in the photo above was produced with a Facial Wash Net otherwise there would only be a bit of foam. It’s much more satisfying to use it with the Facial Wash Net.

The scent lingers on my skin after the product has been washed off. I wouldn’t recommend this Face Soap for removing makeup but if you’re looking for a gel type face wash which doubles up as a scrub (it does brighten skin slightly), then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Available at Sephora outlets, this 150ml tube retails at either RM39 or RM41.

Note : Face Soap and Clarity was provided by PR for this review.