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It’s been a number of years since my last slimming centre experience. In that year when I was determined to lose some weight, I signed up for 2 slimming packages at 2 slimming centres. Neither worked despite me having completed their programmes over a period of six months in total. I guess I can’t blame their programmes since I wasn’t totally committed to a strict diet and exercise.

Now years later, I accepted an invitation to a 2-hour slimming session at London Weight Management. I’m sure you have all seen their programmes on tv where their customers give testimonials. I am often amazed at how much weight some of them lost. London Weight Management guarantees a loss of up to 3kg or 8-22cm in the first session. A lot of people would be skeptical at such a claim so there was only one way to find out, try their first session and prove or disprove their claim.

My session at London Weight Management started with a brief consultation. The consultant explained what treatments I’d receive, then ushered me to the changing area where I stepped on to the scales with my clothes on first.


It was actually less than I expected. The last time I stepped on the scales, I weighed 63kg with clothes on. Then I removed all my clothes and just had on a pair of disposable panties and draped with a towel. I was asked to step on to the scales with the consultant holding on to my towel so that it wouldn’t add to the weight. The scales showed 61.2kg so my clothes weighed 0.7kg.

My first treatment was the sauna which is a one person room. Open the door and there is just enough room to sit comfortably (or as comfortably as is possible in a sauna) on a slab. The consultant asked me to open up the towel. No worries about privacy as no males are allowed in there and there’s an “Occupied” sign hanging outside once you are ensconced inside. Hot steam opens up the body pores to maximize results from the following treatment steps. Benefits of the steam treatment include draining out excess water from the body and improving blood circulation. I won’t say I enjoyed the sauna as I never truly enjoy hot steam around me and sweating profusely. Still, all this was necessary if I was to lose any weight. I sat in there for 10 minutes which doesn’t seem that long really.

Next I was brought into one of the treatment rooms for the lavender sea salt scrub. That’s not the only kind of scrub available there, they also have ginger scrub and a variety of others. With the scrub still on, the consultant wrapped my body in plastic and covered me entirely in the hot blanket. I felt like I was in a body bag, unable to move an inch. This treatment helps flush excess water and toxin from the body as well as refreshes the fatigued body. I was dying to move my arms out of the hot blanket even before the 1st 10 minutes were up. Total treatment time was 20 minutes which felt more like a half hour as I was sweating even more than in the sauna and was quite thirsty. Sweat was dripping into my ears and I was itching to get out from the constraints of the hot blanket but again, all necessary if I was to lose any weight. Who said losing weight was easy? Gaining weight is so much easier. Yes, the hot blanket takes some getting used to and you have to think of other things to distract yourself.


After I was free of the hot blanket, I rested for a few minutes and then showered. I stepped on to the scales again with just panties and towel on (consultant held on to the towel) and the scales showed 59.9kg. I can’t even remember when was the last time I weighed less than 60kg. So being in the sauna and stuck between a hot blanket had its advantages. No wonder saunas at clubs and spas are so popular.

I was ushered into another treatment room for the final part of the treatment. Firstly, the consultant took my body measurements – each side of my arms, waist, hip, tummy, buttocks, under bust, midriff, calf, upper and inner thighs, calves. You will feel a little bit exposed during the measurement but it’s no time to be shy, not if you want to lose the cm.

As I lay on the bed, the consultant applied London Weight Management’s ampoule, concentrating on areas which needed reduction, namely my mid-riff area especially my ever expanding tummy with its fat reserves. I should do more sit-ups but I don’t have that discipline :(!

P1210527(1)The ampoule used on me is for fat-burning, it is available for home use but there’s nothing as effective as having a consultant apply it. Of course, there may be some customers who don’t live near a LWM outlet and they would have to apply the ampoule themselves or ask a family member apply it for them. The ampoule is used with the stimulation machine (image above) which has these blue pads. The consultant applies a gel on the blue pads which are then strapped to areas of the body which require cm loss. It’s like exercising while lying down. This machine treatment will stimulate the muscles and boost body’s metabolism. Together, ampoule and machine treatment will break up stubborn fat deposits in the body and burn it. It feels a bit strange at first when different sensations are felt but after a few minutes, I kind of got used to it. The speed can be decreased or increased.

After half an hour on the machine or should I say under the machine, it was time to take measurements again. I had lost a total of 9.5cm with an average of 0.9-1cm loss around the body parts measured. Particularly significant was 1cm around the waist and 1cm around the buttocks. After one session, I haven’t dropped a dress size but LWM’s sessions hold promise and most importantly, my weight and cm loss was within their guarantee.

To ensure each customer experiences effective results, they will take home a complimentary home kit to try out in the comfort of their home.


London’s Slimming Kit includes:

  • 1 pack of Sea Salt Scrub (1 pack)
  • 1 Oxy Trimming Gel (15ml)
  • 1 Body Trim Fluid (15ml)
  • Red Hot London Bag

New female customers aged 22 and above with weight problems can enjoy FREE London Slimming treatment and Product Kit worth RM468. All they need to do is redeem through:


SMS: TVBLG to 32828 (RM1/SMS)