Linola Hand Lotion



As I have introduced earlier, linola is an ingredient for relief of very dry, cracked or flaky skin. Wherever skin lacks linoleic acid, it reacts with a loss of moisture which persists until treated. Your body cannot help out with this because it does not produce this important active ingredient. This is why Linola products contain linoleic acid to promote skin regeneration and help your skin eliminate the cause of this moisture loss. Linola Hand Lotion is ideal for those who dislike the feel of creamy and thick hand creams as this one truly feels like a lotion.

Personally, I prefer the creamier texture of regular hand creams as I find them more hydrating. However those who suffer from irritated hands or atopic eczema will probably benefit from the fact that Linola Hand Lotion doesn’t contain any silicones, mineral oils or urea.

Linola Hand Lotion is 75ml/RM35.

Product reviewed is a press sample