Laneige Trouble Relief Cream



Laneige Trouble Relief Cream was introduced last year and is one of three products in the Trouble Relief range which targets sensitive, acne-prone skin. To recap from my earlier post on this range, the  Trouble Relief range uses the Hinoki Cypress Polysaccharide extract as a key ingredient as well as other plant ingredients in combating acne by suppressing the biofilm (a combination of microorganisms, bacteria and metabolites that lingers on the surface of the skin) on the skin where the bacteria thrives.

Although I have neither sensitive nor acne-prone skin (touch wood!), I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to use the Trouble Relief Cream as the texture is unique. It is neither a cream nor a gel, it feels more like Hazeline Snow. Anyone who has ever used Hazeline Snow will know what I mean. It feels like a mousse and is semi-soft.


Upon application, there’s a mild soothing and cooling sensation which lasts a few seconds. It’s not extremely hydrating but hydrates well enough. Dry skins will find the hydration factor to be insufficient but those with oily skins or those who prefer a lighter moisturizer will love this one. There’s a slight herbal scent, quite a nice moisturizer even for me.

Laneige Trouble Relief Cream retails at RM125/50ml (pre-GST price).

Product reviewed is a press sample.