With Laneige ‘Mochi Sleeping Pack’, Brightening You Will Not Lack



When it comes to innovative makeup/skincare products, I have to hand it to Laneige. After all, they were the first beauty brand to come out with the BB Cushion and shortly after, every other Korean brand followed suit. Will it be the same with this product which combines the benefits of brightening and hydration in an overnight mask?

Part of their White Plus Renew range, this mask comes in individual blister packs for one-time use each. Each pack is 3ml and while this may not seem like a lot, it is a lot. In fact, I thought 2ml would have sufficed. It is supposed to be be applied to the neck as well which is why they packed in 3ml of the mask per pack.


See that white blob in the middle of the clear gel? That’s the brightening agent which has to be mixed with the gel before use. To be more precise, the white blob is called the brightening ampoule and is a milky, cream-type solution. It is mixed with the gel so that the  hydrating-radiance ampoules surrounding it so that the hydrating-radiance ampoules can facilitate the penetration of the brightening compound into the skin.

What I got was quite a thick layer of the mask, I worried that it would stick to my pillow since I sleep sideways. Can’t be helped, I can’t control my sleeping position. Anyway the next morning, I didn’t find a mess on my pillow and I could still see and feel a layer of the mask on my skin.

I washed it off with lukewarm water as per insructions and lo and behold……much brighter complexion. If you are looking for a brightening mask that will also give you plenty of hydration, you’ve got to check this one out. Very interesting concept!

Each box is 3ml x 16 and retails at RM110, reasonably priced. I am going to get another box once I am done with this one. Recommended usage is twice per week so each box will last 8 weeks. Each mask works out to be just RM6.87. Now that is good value!

Product reviewed has been provided by Laneige Malaysia. 


    • Good point, just that Laneige one seems to be more famous and I think many assume they were the 1st to come out with BB Cushion. Maybe it is more appropriate to say Laneige was the 1st to claim their BB Cushion cools skin by 3 degrees.