Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector



Among the Korean beauty brands, I have to say Laneige is one of my favourites because they always come up with innovative skincare that assist women in getting brighter and luminous skin just like the popular K-drama actresses.

This month, Laneige introduced the new and improved Clear C Advanced Effector for more translucent and clearer skin. Clear C Advanced Effector nourishes your skin with 4 times more anti-oxidant than regular Vitamin C and with 3 times more brightening effect. A revolutionary creation by Laneige, this improved Vitamin C Brightening Boosting Essence contains Acerola and Acai Berry to give skin s boost of Vitamin C to reveal bright, clean and youthful skin. It’s free from artificial coloring, mineral oil and animal-based ingredients.

Recommended for use as the first skincare step after cleansing, the Clear C Advanced Effector has been formulated to restore skin’s energy and boost the effects of your subsequent products. To achieve radiant and brighter skin, Laneige recommends applying the White Plus Renew Original Essence after using the Clear C Advanced Effector as doing this will increase the brightening efficacy by 3.45 times.

Research shows that Asian women are born with thin skin moisture films. With the all-new Clear C Advanced Effector, women can now improve the moisture film on the skin and also remove dead skin cells. Besides that, the essence also provides instant moisture upon application. It doesn’t feel sticky, is non-greasy and suitable for all skin types. It feels very refreshing and hydrating.

Key ingredients of Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector :-

1) Superberry Extract

The Clear C Advanced Effector contains 92.5% of Superberry Extract, a formula that is proven to have 4 times more anti-oxidant effect than Vitamin C. This is achieved by stabilizing Acerola and Acai Berry extracts with Silicium Capture Technology™, a stimulation technology of anti-oxidant water which remains the secret of the longevity of residents of Hunza Valley in Pakistan. Acerola, also known as West Indian Cherry contains 65 times more Vitamin C than orange. It is a natural skin brightening essence that prevents skin discoloration such as pigmentation and freckles. Similar to Acerola, Acai Berry too has a strong anti-oxidant function. It contains 3.3 times more anti-oxidant effects than red wine.

2) Silicium Capture Technology™

This unique technology by Laneige is a newly developed anti-oxidation system based on porous silicate by using Hunza water as a model. The people from the Hunza village in Pakistan believe that you can live up to 100 years if you drink Hunza water from Hunza Village. This water is rich in natural Colloidal Silica and the secret of the longevity of Hunza villagers is from such milky water. According toe various analyses, particulate Colloidal Silica particles contained in Hunza water have charged surfaces that can absorb minerals and hydrogens. Therefore, they possess a high anti-oxidant retention ability by absorbing hydrogen negative ions.


3) Improved Essence Container

Based on a survey done by Laneige on the Clear C Effector that was launched in 2004, consumers revealed their need for a more convenient and hygienic container to suit the function of the essence. With Clear C Advanced Effector, Laneige has redesigned the container and the essence pump. To avoid wastage, the container discharges 2.5ml of essence with just 3 pumps, which is the ideal amount for each application. The side of the bottle is marked with 7 days, 14 days and 21 days shown and with every 3 pumps, the Clear C Effector goes down mark by mark. The smart container ensures the essence is not exposed to air, thus assuring good product hygiene.



To keep skin in optimal condition, the Clear C Advanced Effector comes with a box of 60 cotton pads (30 days usage). Consumers are advised to use the cotton pads, which come in 2 distinctive sides, i.e. the patterned side offers a revitalizing effect (morning use) and the densed side gives skin a moisturized feeling upon application (evening use).



So far, so good! I have been using the Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector for almost 3 weeks now. I skip the toner after using this (remember to use it right after cleansing for best results!) as I feel that this acts like a toner even though it’s strictly speaking, not a toner. Sometimes I skip using it in the morning but I always use it in the evenings. The result is a brighter complexion even though I am not using any whitening essence or cream. I guess that depending on how dull your complexion is, most people will start noticing the difference within 2-3 weeks of use.

Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector retails at RM145/150ml.

Product reviewed is a press sample.