Juniper’s Jaunt To Pet World Malaysia 2018


dsc_1921Pet World Malaysia 2018 is back from today till Sunday, May 20th. Now that I am the accidental caretaker of 4 stray cats who walk in and out of my home as they please, I just had to check out Pet World Malaysia 2018 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. I was there for 1.5 hours this morning, spent a longer time there than expected as there were quite a number of interesting exhibitors. However I think there are more products for dogs than cats there.


dsc_1924Zeal is a brand from New Zealand which produces some gourmet treats from locally sourced 100% natural ingredients like Green Lipped Mussels, Hoki Fish Cubes, Sheep Ears, Hoki and Ling Fish Skins.

dsc_1929Alps Natural sources and makes food using state-of-the-art facilities from countries such as Italy, Iceland and New Zealand that are renowned for their unpolluted pristine nature.

dsc_1933dsc_1934Dog mummies who like to dress up their furkids should check out the dog apparel here.

dsc_1935The Fluff Co is an online store featuring specially curated lifestyle products for your fur-friends.

dsc_1937Now this I have not seen before – health supplements for dogs such as spirulina, probiotic and chlorella. This is truly pampering your pet. I don’t even consume such supplements.


dsc_1976There are Snappy Tom offers (cat food).



Prams and bags for your furkids. I can’t imagine myself wheeling my dog or any of the stray cats in a pram around my neighbourhood.

dsc_1968Coco & Joe BARF For Dogs is a biologically appropriate raw food brand which was founded  by someone who owns 20 dogs. I know, my jaw dropped when I heard that because it must be a herculean task taking care of 20 dogs and you must really be a serious dog lover to own that many. I am impressed because you would need so much time and money for that many.

BARF advocates feeding raw food to dogs because raw bone contains nutrients like calcium, glucosamine, collagen and other minerals while raw meat and organs provide dogs with essential amino acids and fats. Raw food contains enzymes that is necessary for dogs to digest food but cooking inactivates these enzymes. BARF is the convenient natural way to feed your dog and is designed to suit all life stages. Their recipes mimic the way dogs and wolves should feed naturally and is nutritionally balanced for that reason.

There are four recipes available – chicken, fish, duck and lamb. Benefits of feeding BARF to dogs include:-

  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better breath and healthier teeth
  • Better digestion and absorption
  • Stronger joints and bones
  • Small stool volume and less odour
  • Easy to maintain healthy body mass

dsc_1969Molly is one of BARF founder’s 20 dogs, she is a long-haired dachshund and her fur is silky soft. She is incredibly well-behaved and I fell in love with her when I gazed into her dreamy, limpid eyes.

dsc_1985Paws On The Run is a new mobile pet grooming studio. Some pets can be easily startled or get nervous when you bring them to a pet or grooming shop for their makeover. With this mobile service, you make an appointment on their mobile platform ( according to your convenience. Paws On the Run mobile grooming studios come with CCTV access for your comfort and ease of mind. Your pet will be groomed to perfection right at your home or office.

dsc_1987Register for free at their promo area in Hall 2 and receive this cute doggy recycle bag. They are currently offering 30% off their services.



Inaba CIAO is a brand selling premium dog and cat food from Japan. The choice of cat food (in sticks) is amazing, your cat is guaranteed never to get bored with the choices available.


dsc_1949Wildwash is UK’s natural skin and coat care for pets. They are hand blended, natural with 100% pure essential oil. The shampoos are concentrated and dilute at a ratio of 32 to 1, which means a 300ml bottle is equivalent to around 10 litres of shampoo. Nothing sells shampoo better than two perfectly groomed cute little doggies that make your heart melt.

dsc_1982RELIQ Mineral Spa Shampoo is the first pet grooming product to integrate natural minerals with cutting edge nano-science, enabling the product to be extremely effective in nourishing skin and coat. RELIQ products use natural herbal ingredients formulated with proprietary volcanic minerals.

dsc_1959dsc_1960I had no idea there was lemon, lavender and even coffee scented cat litter. The coffee scent is so nice. I wonder if cats will love the scent as much as I do.

dsc_1954Real Nature is a complete and balanced holistic dog food for all life stages. The mild formula promotes healthy skin and hair, reduces allergy and inflammation. All raw ingredients are hydrolyzed to reduce the risk of allergies caused by specific proteins and carbohydrates.


dsc_1994Himmel is a food dehydrator from Korea which you can use to make pet snacks like fish and meat jerky. You can also dehydrate all kinds of fruits for healthy human snacks. I tried the dehydrated dragon fruit and pineapple slices, moist and so crunchy. I could get addicted to these. This dehydrator heats quickly and equally with 10 layers of drying trays.

dsc_2003Some of the exhibitors are generous with samples. The last image above is my sample haul, dog and cat food.