Juliet Has Gone For 3 Laser Therapy & Physiotherapy Treatments At Paws Rehab


dscn1710Last month when I lost hundreds of blog posts which can never be recovered (I so regret changing the blog theme and will be forever scarred by this incident), I felt devastated and really hurt but I realised that if I lost one of my dogs, now that they are so aged, the feeling would be even worse than that. Of course, it’s not nice to have hard work down the drain but losing a beloved pet would be far worse so I have to do the best I can to improve the quality of my dogs’ lives.

So far Juliet has gone for 3 physiotherapy sessions with Sydney Chik of Paws Rehab and after each 20 minute laser therapy treatment, Sydney has put Juliet through physiotherapy. I do think it has helped her following each treatment as she sleeps more soundly through the day and night and in particular, whines less during the night.


In terms of mobility, she moves less stiffly although I know it will require a few more treatments before we can see more improvement. Nevertheless, I am grateful that Sydney is around to offer such treatment otherwise Juliet will only have to depend on acupuncture and supplements.