Jazz & Co Introduces Plus Size Collections In Exclusive Preview

Founder of Jazz & Co, Jasdeep Katari; Singer and Emcee, Dina Nadzir with fellow models during the finale
Founder of Jazz & Co, Jasdeep Katari; Singer and Emcee, Dina Nadzir with fellow models during the finale

There’s a popular saying that goes “It’s not about the size you are wearing, it’s about how you wear your size”. With the awakening of the body positivity movement and growing appreciation for curvy features, this quote is ever more relevant to embody Jazz & Co’s latest exclusive fashion preview which featured their newly-launched plus size collections for upcoming festive seasons that bring out the wearers’ natural beauty and confidence.

With celebrity radio DJ and Malaysian Idol 2004 runner up Dina Nadzir as the emcee, the exclusive fashion preview hosted by online clothing portal Jazz & Co is the brand’s testament to keep up with meaningful fashion trends. With their main shoppers being the plus size community, the collections also aim to empower their audience with messages of self-love and acceptance. As a plus size influencer herself, Dina graced the exclusive preview with her performance to further commemorate the meaningful event.

The unveiling of extravagant pieces from the evening and office wear collection
The unveiling of extravagant pieces from the evening and office wear collection
Plus-size models of Jazz & Co parading the new pieces from the casual wear collection
Plus-size models of Jazz & Co parading the new pieces from the casual wear collection

Ranging from stylish tops and bottoms to fashionable overcoats for both men and women, the first collection featured about 24 sets of casual wear look that were professionally styled to achieve the brand’s easygoing comfortable quality while also allowing wearers to look trendy. This collection also shows Jazz & Co’s commitment to provide the complete range of clothes for their online shoppers which consist of mainly younger users.

“Our main shoppers consist of a young and energetic bunch who just want to look and feel great like everyone else, anytime of the day. That is why our bestsellers are mostly casual outfits and office wears. Whether they’re at home or at work, they can look great while feeling comfortable at the same time,” said Jasdeep Katari, Director of Jazz & Co.

Besides being spoilt for choice, shoppers have less to worry about in terms of fit and size. This is because the brand adheres to a single standard size chart for all its collections, ensuring uniform measurements for the utmost convenience. Therefore, without even physically trying them on, Jazz & Co shoppers can rest assure that each order will fit perfectly. Though, with the rare chance of returns, their site also offers a flexible exchange policy.

The second collection showcased during the exclusive fashion preview featured office wear and evening look garments. With unique designs tailored to perfection, this collection displayed the utmost attention to detail when it comes to the quality of Jazz & Co’s apparels that are made with mostly premium European fabric.

“To make sure that the quality of our products are up to standards, all of our garments will go through a stringent approval process, allowing our shoppers a peace of mind by ensuring what they purchase at jazznco.com is exactly what will arrive at their doorsteps,” Jasdeep added.

The core mission of Jazz & Co, which is to offer a wide array of plus size garments that are extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing to the brand’s loyal shoppers, was inspired and motivated by Jasdeep’s personal experience before he founded the online fashion portal.

“Back in the day, I couldn’t find the kind of plus size clothes that I really wanted, which led me to realize there was a shortage of trendy plus size clothing in the market. Even if you are able to find them, they are usually really basic,” Jasdeep explained.

To fulfil his passion in bridging this fashion gap in Malaysia by providing trendy and fashionable attires to the plus size community, Jazz & Co had to first spark an interest from its shoppers, and this was done by distancing themselves from other plus size brands in the local scene.

As a brand that appeals to every age range of shoppers, Jazz & Co’s collections look trendy, vibrant and lively, as opposed to looking bland and serious – which are the general perception people carry about plus size clothing, in addition to the stereotype that they are meant for older people.

Ultimately, Jazz & Co truly embraces the fact that plus size people are just as fashionable, if not more, as other people. Therefore, along with the rise of acceptance towards unconventional body types, shoppers are encouraged to embrace their natural curves and inner beauty as it is the best way to show self-love.

As succinctly put by celebrated plus size model Ashley Graham, “If you don’t love who you are, you are never going to feel 100 percent satisfied in life. It all starts with you. If you don’t love you, nobody else is going to be able to”.

Through this exclusive fashion preview of the new festive collections, the brand also hopes to inspire the plus sized community to keep up with fashion just like any other individuals, especially during festive seasons.

Within the coming months, customers can look forward to more exciting campaigns and promotions to be launched by the one stop online fashion portal jazznco.com in an effort to attract more shoppers by expanding their market and collections.

“Our main focus for the time being is for Jazz & Co to expand to other countries within the region. To fulfill this, our team is working tirelessly and we hope to accomplish this goal together,” Jasdeep said.

For more information on Jazz & Co, log on to their Instagram and Facebook accounts with the handle @jazzncofashion, or explore www.jazznco.com for their range of plus size collections and other exciting apparels.