Interview With The Chefs Of Guinness Flavour By Fire : Chef Franky Of Arthur’s Storehouse

With Chef Franky

Contributed by Kenny Phang.

In collaboration with Defy Media.

Chef Franky of Arthur’s Storehouse

Guinness Flavour By Fire Festival 2023 may be over in KL (it was held between 18-20 August at Sentul Depot but it’ll be in Penang on 2-3 September 2023 at Fort Cornwallis. During the festival at Sentul Depot, I had the opportunity of sitting down with Chef Franky of Guinness’ first flagship outlet in Malaysia, Arthur’s Storehouse of Pavilion KL. Going with the theme of Guinness-infused flame-cooked foods, Chef Franky cooked up Arthur Storehouse’s signature Guinness Barbecue Ribs & Guinness Irish Stew.

“We are delighted to receive an incredible response to our unique festival, which takes the taste experience beyond the ordinary. Guinness has a rich, distinctive flavour that is a favourite among chefs abd drinkers alike, and when combined with the transformative power of fire, it creates a truly unforgettable experience. Guinness is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring our brand values of power, goodness and communion to life in an engaging and immersive way. Our festival is the perfect occasion for people to come together for an authentic Guinness experience and create unforgettable memories,” said Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager – Wheat Beer, Stout & Diageo Brands at HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad.

Is this your 1st participation at Guinness Flavour By Fire?

This is the 2nd time.

What can diners at Guinness Flavour by Fire look forward to?

We have pancetta (salt-cured pork belly meat) smoked with Cherry Wood, Appleslaw & Guinness Mustard Sauce. We smoke the pancetta for 12 hours at Arthur’s Storehouse, then smoked for a few more hours here (Sentul Depot).

We use Iberico ribs coated with Guinness barbecue sauce. A smaller portion is served here than at Arthur’s Storehouse.

Can you please elaborate on the Guinness Irish Stew?

It’s stewed for 2+ hours, the Angus grass-fed beef is from Australia.

Any other dishes at Guinness Flavour By Fire?

We have a tapas platter – all pork consisting of pork jowl, tongue, ear served with Habanero Sauce.

What’s your prep time like?

With Chef Franky

We start cooking 2 hours in advance to start the smoker and grill. We use Cherry Wood imported from the USA. You get a fruity flavour with Cherry Wood.

Any similarities between your menu at Guinness Flavour By Fire 2023 and last year’s?

We have a totally different menu this year.

Guinness Flavour By Fire will be at Fort Cornwallis, Penang on 2-3 September 2023.