Interview With Patrick Havegheer


On the day of the Collistar makeup demo by Patrick Havegheer, I had a few minutes to ask Collistar’s International Makeup Artist & Trainer some questions. He said he had 5 minutes for me before he went off to speak to the media present but he gave me 10 minutes of his time which was just enough to get a few questions in about the brand’s make-up. I would have liked to have delved into their popular and famous bodycare but time didn’t permit.

What makes Collistar makeup unique among beauty brands?

We have visuals and editorials in magazines. Collistar is a fashionable brand, we are always looking for new colours. It’s a global brand with a presence in over 40 countries. Collistar pays attention and caters to Asian women’s needs. The quality of rhe make-up is fantastic.

What are some of the bestsellers worldwide in respect of the make-up?

The nail polish and foundation. The foundation covers lines and pores. It’s not only aesthetic colouring, it also has fillers and correctors. It is non-cakey and you don’t need to apply much for smoothness.

What products would you recommend from the Capri Collection?

The Smoothing Filler Make-up Base as it controls oil. Even if you are not wearing make-up, blend it into T-zone and cheeks for a natural look and set with powder.

The eye shadows have a satin texture and are semi-matte so they glow without too much shimmer, perfect for day time. For an evening look, just build up the colour.

What would you say to people who stay away from bright eye shadows such as the look on the model in the Capri Collection visual?

Go for the dove-gray eye shadow in the Capri Collection and combine it with a little green.

Is it better to use an eye shadow brush or fingers to apply eye shadows?

Fingers are the best to dab and blend. I have all the tools but I like to keep it simple as a lot of ladies may not have all the brushes for make-up.